Dr.Strange Experience

Art Direction for alternate realities inspired by Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange in Mixed Reality (MR).

Change Your Reality: A Global Doctor Strange Experience

In collaboration with RealD 3D, three of the world’s best Google Tilt Brush artists collaborated to create alternate realities inspired by Marvel Studios’ Doctor Strange. Artists Stuart Campbell, Steve Teeple and Danny Bittman traveled to New York, London and Hong Kong to let fans expand their minds, exclusively in Tilt Brush by Google; a VR experience. 

For this project we were lucky enough to work with Denizen on an amazing experience. Most of my involvement was in the initial pitch work and Art Direction for our incredible artist.  
Sanctum Sanctorum
By Sutu (Stuart Campbell)
By Teeps (Steve Teeple)
By Danny Bittman
The Sanctum Sanctorum pitch concepts
The NYC Mirror Dimension pitch concepts
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